Sunday, February 16, 2020

Anallysis 2 cases study Case Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Anallysis 2 cases - Case Study Example The brand mantra followed by Hello Kitty is just not about cuteness but appealing to more than children and thus appears on adult properties. The core value may be along well to the Point of Difference (POD). This is because the consumer believes that anybody shall not find the same attribute in other brands as that in Hello Kitty and relates Hello Kitty with cuteness. One of the most compelling factors that tend to differentiate Hello Kitty and create competitive advantage against its competitors is that the brand does not hold any stories along with a pre determined traits. The simple but overused differentiator sets the brand apart from the competitors. Value chain: Hello Kitty does not involve any promotional strategy to create awareness about its brand but the brand is enhanced through its partners, merchandise and word of mouth that may be highly attributed towards the development of brand value. So the target market has extended from children to teenagers above the age group of 20 and perceives the brand to be cute irrespective of any similarity with any cartoon character. As stated in the case study, about 500 products are launched every month that indicates the popularity of the brand. Hello kitty products are available from pencil, to clothing to accessories to bags, instruments, mobiles, beer bottles. Hello kitty has been able to influence the mindset of the consumers as the brand has been able to appeal across all age groups. In case of Hello Kitty the brand does not follow any character of any cartoon shown in television or any stories or gimmicks. Hello Kitty is a cat that tends to appear on every possible thing from jeweler to pencil. The brand logo is available on each of its product and its personality has been created mainly trough merchandise starting from a symbol on purse. The brand follows a simple rule of â€Å"small gift, big smile† that has helped it to achieve success. Prada has segmented its product to niche segment and have

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