Friday, March 20, 2020

Johnny Tremain essays

Johnny Tremain essays In the face of adversity, our character can change extremely. Ester Forbes writes about this example in her book, Johnny Tremain, which takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1773, during the revolutionary war. As we read the book, we see Johnny facing many obstacles and problems causing him to start a different and new life. However, Johnny encounters bad luck, but he learns to understand his problems better and accepts them. Johnny Tremain starts out as a arrogant boy who one day wants to be a silversmith. Unfortunately one day, he was in a silversmiths shop and injures his hand from burning hot silver, which causes him to deeply damage his hand. He no longer could be a silversmith. Of course, Johnny was deeply ashamed of his hand and always hid it from the world. Gradually, he then has the courage to show his hand. Johnny felt no more shame over his burned hand -pg. 254- Later, Johnny comes across the printing press of the Boston Observer while looking for another job. While there, Johnny gets the chance to meet Rab and immediately makes friend with him. Johnny than notice that he enjoyed telling Rab stories about his hand, but with nonce of the belligerent arrogance which he had been answering the questions kind people had put to him. - page 146- This is the first time since the accident he felt able to stand aside from his problems to see himself. - pg. 255- Rab turns his life around and shows him another world that he could and must face. Without Rab, Johnny might not have believed in himself and achieved much. A big influence on Johnnys life were his friends. As previously mentioned, Rab contributed much to Johnnys life. Rab has shown Johnny that he could achieve anything he waned too. Rab taught Johnny how to ride Goblin, gets ...

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